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This week on High Caliber Radio we will continue Elton’s coverage of the Safari Club International Convention with an interview with Heym, makers of fine double and magazine rifles.  We will also talk to an ammunition manufacturer.  We will also hear from Jan Morgan, naztionally known 2A advocate, Fox News Contributor and now a candidate in trhe Republican Governor’s Primary in Arkansas.  You might remember Jan as the woman who banned Muslims fro her Hot Springs Shooting Range.


The New 2-in-1 Gong Target Hanger

The new 2-in-1 Gong Target Hanger from Birchwood Casey® makes it easy to attach any metal gong target in minutes.

The 2-in-1 Gong Target Hanger provides a unique double mounting option with a hardened steel hook on one side and spring and bolt mount on the other.

The 2-in-1 Gong Target Hanger easily mounts on standard dimension 2×4 lumber and works great with the new 2×4 Gong Nested Stand from Birchwood Casey (available separately) as a base.

The 2-in-1 Gong Target Holder sells for a retail price of $23.20.

Visit the Birchwood Casey website at, write to 7887 Fuller Road, Ste. 100, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 or call 800-746-6862 for more information.


Federal Premium Hydra-Shok Deep Personal Defense Load

ANOKA, Minnesota – – Federal Premium Ammunition is pleased to announce a new high-performance self-defense load. Hydra-Shok Deep builds off the time-tested Hydra-Shok platform with design improvements that better meet modern performance measurements. Shipments are being delivered to dealers.

Federal Premium Hydra-Shok ammunition has proven itself for self-defense since 1989. Hydra-Shok Deep’s redesigned bullet features a more robust center post and a core design that provides as much as 50 percent deeper penetration than classic Hydra-Shok.


Features & Benefits
• Penetrates 15 inches in bare ballistics gel—the optimal depth according to FBI standards
• 50 percent deeper penetration than classic Hydra-Shok
• 70 percent improvement in overall FBI protocol score compared to classic Hydra-Shok
• Iconic center post design has been improved for better integrity and performance through civilian barriers
• Consistent, specially formulated propellant
• Extremely reliable Federal primer

Part No. / Description / MSRP
P9HSD1 / 9mm Luger 135-grain Hydra-Shok Deep / $27.95

Federal Premium is a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc., an outdoor sports and recreation company. For more information on Federal Premium, go to


Eagle Imports Announces Next Generation of Bersa TPR Series Pistols

Evolution is a Powerful Thing: Eagle Imports, Inc. Announces the Next Generation of Popular Bersa TPR Series Pistols

Introducing the new Bersa® TPR and TPRC.

Bersa is pleased to announce that the redesigned Bersa® TPR has begun shipping in the United States, via Eagle Imports, Inc.

“We’re excited to bring this next generation of Bersa TPRs to American consumers,” said Michael Sodini, President of Eagle Imports, Inc. “Once available only to military and law enforcement personnel, it’s always offered rugged durability and impressive accuracy. This new evolution makes the TPR officially one of my favorites for self-defense and sport.”

Available in standard 4.25″ barrel and compact 3.25″ barrel configurations, the redesigned TPR9 semi-automatic pistols incorporate a smoother, lighter trigger plus a host of ergonomic improvements for accurate control during rapid fire, including:

·        A thinner grip, which allows for better reach to the new-and-improved trigger during single and double action.

·        Serrations in the front part of the frame for firm thumb support and to reduce the muzzle flip.

·        Ambidextrous safety, slide and magazine releases.

·        Compact, lightweight and snag-free slide profile – featuring serrations in the front part of the slide for easy racking.
Other notable features include:

·        A loaded chamber indicator protrudes from the upper face of the slide, to show the condition of the pistol without breaking the grip.

·        Interchangeable SIG Sauer-type sights.

·        An improved Browning-Petter locking system.

·        Lightweight aluminum alloy frames.

·        Picatinny accessory rails.

·        Lifetime service contract for original owners.

Caliber options in the standard barrel include 9 mm (TPR9) and compact, 9mm (TPR9C), .40 S&W (TPR40C) and .45 ACP (TPR45C). MSRP: $508-$528

About Bersa:
Bersa is an international leader in the compact firearms industry with a well-earned reputation for reliability, accuracy, quality and affordability. Headquartered in Ramos Mejia, Buenos Aires, Bersa was founded in 1959 and is one of Argentina’s largest privately-owned corporations. The Bersa Thunder compact handgun series was introduced in 1994.

About Eagle Imports:

Founded in 1988, Eagle Imports is proud of its history and tradition of being an exclusive firearms distributor in the United States. Eagle is committed to fulfilling Bersa, SPS, Metro Arms, Comanche and Grand Power’s mission in the USA and for providing the ultimate after-sale experience for all of their products.



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Boonville, MO–CMMG’s MkG GUARD is an AR15 rifle that is chambered in .45 ACP and feeds from factory Glock magazines. At the heart of the GUARD is the patent pending Radial Delayed Blowback operating system that works to harness the strong recoil impulse of .45 ACP.  After extensive durability testing, CMMG is proud to announce that the GUARD is safely rated for 450 SMC.

For those unfamiliar with 450 SMC, Triton first conceived the cartridge in 2001. The design was ultimately taken over and completed by DoubleTap ammunition years later. In essence, it is a magnum version of .45 ACP that offers ballistics that are comparable to 10mm. It is a true “stopper” that delivers energy capable of taking down big game.

While the 450 SMC uses a case with the same outer dimensions as .45 ACP, there are a few significant differences that allow DoubleTap to load 450 SMC with five to six thousand pounds per square inch of pressure more than a standard .45ACP. First, the 450 SMC uses a small magnum rifle primer instead of the large pistol primer. This modification allows the hardened case to be thicker at the base.  Second, the brass is manufactured from the ground up to handle up to 30,000 pounds of pressure. The result is a dual-purpose cartridge that is exceptional for both hunting and personal defense.


While 450 SMC can be safely run in any .45 ACP that is rated for +P ammunition, the amount of rearward force created by such a hot load would potentially be problematic from a straight blowback AR15.  CMMG’s GUARD platform can overcome these issues, however, thanks to the Radial Delayed Blowback operating system.

The Radial Delayed Blowback system uses up some of the recoil impulse of the spent round to unlock the rotating bolt from the barrel extension. This mitigates the leftover rearward force that then drives the carrier back to cycle the action. By eliminating some of this rearward force during the unlocking sequence, the GUARD requires less weight in the bolt carrier group and buffer to safely cycle. This reduction in reciprocating mass results in less felt recoil for the end user.

Here’s how the 450 SMC stacks up against 10mm out of a 16-inch barrel (data provided by DoubleTap Ammunition):


450 SMC
450 SMC 185gr. BONDED DEFENSE® JHP 1725 FPS 1223 FT LBS
450 SMC 230gr. BONDED DEFENSE® JHP 1400 FPS 1001 FT LBS
450 SMC 255gr. HARDCAST SOLID ™ 1300 FPS 958 FT LBS
10MM 165gr. BONDED DEFENSE® JHP 1700 FPS 1059 FT LBS
10MM 180gr. BONDED DEFENSE® JHP 1600 FPS 1023 FT LBS
10MM 200gr. HARDCAST SOLID™ 1590 FPS 1123 FT LBS
10MM 230gr. HARDCAST SOLID™ 1350 FPS 931 FT LBS

Media Contact:

Tim Zick —

CMMG Lifetime Quality Guarantee

CMMG, Inc. will guarantee its products against defects in material or workmanship.  CMMG, Inc. will repair, replace or substitute part(s) (at CMMG, Inc. discretion) at no charge to the customer if a defect of material or workmanship is found. All service work must be carried out by CMMG, Inc. The warranty applies to the original purchaser and a copy of the invoice or proof of purchase must be provided when submitting for service or work.


M&P380 Shield EZ Pistol

New M&P380 Shield EZ pistol features easy-to-rack slide, easy to load magazine

SPRINGFIELD, Mass.  – Smith & Wesson Corp. today announced the addition of the new M&P380 Shield EZ pistol tothe company’s market-leading M&P Shield pistol series.  Built for personal protection and every-day carry, the M&P380 Shield EZ is chambered in .380 AUTO and is designed to be easy to use, featuring an easy-to-rack slide, easy-to-load magazine, and easy-to-clean design.

Jan Mladek, General Manager of M&P and S&W Brands, said, “When we set out to design the M&P380 Shield EZ pistol, our goal was to deliver an all-around, easy to use personal protection pistol – from loading and carrying, to shooting andcleaning.  Throughout the development process, we focused on key areas that customers told us were important- the ease of racking the slide and loading the magazine.  With that in mind, we reduced the amount of force required to rack the slide, and developed a magazine that is both easy and efficient to load.  We have incorporated both of these new features into the M&P380 Shield EZ pistol, allowing consumers of all statures and strengths the opportunity to own, comfortably practice with, and effectively utilize this exciting new pistol.  The new M&P380 Shield EZ pistol provides an easy-to-use personal protection option for both first-time shooters and experienced handgunners alike.”

Built for personal and home protection, the new M&P380 Shield EZ pistol is the latest addition to the M&P M2.0™ family and features an 8+1 round capacity and a 3.675” barrel.  The M&P380 Shield EZ pistol ships with two 8 round magazines that include a load assist button for quick, easy loading, as well as a picatinny-style equipment rail to accommodate accessories. The pistol also features an optimal M&P pistol 18-degree grip angle for a natural point of aim, white-dot front and adjustable white-dot rear sights, and a light, crisp trigger with an MSRP of $399.

The M&P380 Shield EZ pistol has begun shipping, and will be widely available at firearms dealers across the nation by the end of February 2018.

M&P380 Shield EZ pistol features include:

Easy-to-Use Design

  • Easy-to-rack slide for trouble-free manipulation
  • Tapered rear slide serrations, providing an easy-to-grasp surface
  • Easy-to-load magazine design with load assist button for quick, easy loading

Superior Performance

  • One-piece, single action trigger for crisp trigger pull with tactile and audible trigger reset
  • Windage- adjustable, white dot rear sight
  • M2.0 enhanced grip texture optimized to size and .380 AUTO recoil

Superior Controls

  • Tactile loaded chamber indicator to both see and feel if a round is in the chamber
  • Reversible magazine release that’s easily adjusted for left or right hand operation
  • Available with ambidextrous manual thumb safety

To learn more about the new M&P380 Shield EZ pistol and the complete M&P line of firearms, including spec sheets and images, please click here.

To stay up to date on all of the latest news and events, be sure to follow Smith & Wesson Corp. on FacebookTwitter,Instagram and YouTube.

About Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson Corp. is a provider of quality firearms for personal protection, target shooting and hunting in the global consumer and professional markets. Smith & Wesson is world famous for its handguns and long guns sold under the Smith & Wesson®, Performance Center®, M&P®, Thompson/Center Arms™, and Gemtech® brands.  Through its Manufacturing Services Division, Smith & Wesson Corp. also provides forging, machining, and precision plastic injection molding services to a wide variety of consumer goods companies. For more information on Smith & Wesson, call (800) 331-0852 or log on to