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When High Caliber Radio went on the air, the plan was to do something new in the field of gun talk radio shows. Instead of screening calls and talking to industry media relations people, High Caliber Radio wanted to talk to both the end users and the actual people who make the firearms industry go. High Caliber Radio interviews the people who “work” in the gun business: sales managers, engineers, gunsmiths, designers, professional hunters, military personnel, holster makers, bullet makers, manufacturers etc. We get to the inside information on the gun business. Because firearms and history are so intertwined we also give a historical prospective on the use of firearms and profile various firearms that are of interest to our listeners. High Caliber Radio keeps listeners abreast of legislative news in the firearms and hunting world.
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High Caliber Radio
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This week on High Caliber Radio we will have coverage of the International Sniper Competition at Fort Chaffee. We will wrap up our coverage of the NRA's National Convention with interviews of Mr. Whitetail, Larry Weishune, Brownell's and Kalashnikov USA. Larry will talk about the .375 Ruger and the good use he put it to in Uganda recently. We will hear how The 2nd ammendment foundation's law suit to permit concealed carry in Illinois is already saving innocent lives. We will also hear from Rosella Quaterone about how Safari Specialties can help you navigate the new regulations for taking your sporting rifles out of the country for a hunt.

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